Introduction of Ms. DANG NGUYEN THUC VIEN, a recipient of commendation for an exemplary settled

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Entered Japan in 1994 with her mother by her father’s invitation under Orderly Departure Program. The results at school are always high remarks, and at high school she held a study group for the Vietnamese Refugee second generation young people aiming to go on to university, and supported for their college entrance. In college, she got a secretarial certificate and Japanese Language Proficiency Level 1. Even after she got a job, she had continued to support refugee first generation who had difficulty in Japanese. After getting married, she has engaged in interpreting and translation work at Yamato City Internationalization Association in Kanagawa Prefecture, as well as she has worked as an interpreter in Izumi Ward, Yokohama City. Among refugee settlers, her support of the heart is encouraged. In addition of working as an interpreter at the refugee headquarters, she works at Yamato Municipal Hospital where many elderly Vietnamese refugees are out visiting. Her warm correspondence and accurate responses to visitors are highly evaluated by hospital officials.