116th Invitation program of social welfare officials in Asian countries (October 2018)

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The Foundation of Welfare and Education for the Asian People has been conducting invitation program of social welfare officials since 1978.  In this program, we invite people engaged in welfare projects, such as those for orphans and mothers and children, in Asian countries to Japan.  Through the program, we hope to contribute on mutual exchanges between Japan and the invited countries, and to improve welfare measures in Asian countries.

This time, which is the 116th program, we invited four social welfare officials each from Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan and Singapore from 17th till 24th of October 2018, and provided to them study tours including lectures, facilities tours and Japanese culture experiences.


Below, we shall introduce the details of the study tour.

Invitees from Malaysia: Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Invitees from Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal: Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen

Invitees from Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Capital Administration and Development Division, and other Institutes

Invitees from Republic of Singapore: Ministry of Social and Family Development, Ministry of Health, National Council of Social Service

Main study tour schedule

On the first day of the study tour, after greetings from the foundation’s President, the Secretary General gave the orientation of the program which includes some attention during the stay.

October 18: a former executive of Health, Labor and Welfare gave a lecture on Japanese social welfare situations.

October 18: Welcome reception (at Saga Room of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Tokyo)

October 19: A Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare official gave a lecture entitled “Structural change in Japanese society and initiatives to create regional cohesive society” at a room within the ministry.

October 19: Tour to experience Nursing Care Robot at the Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd.

October 20: Visited the special nursing home for the aged, “Shinbashi Sakura no Garden”

October 20: Interim report meeting (at the Foundation’s secretariat room) October 22: Visited the social welfare corporation, “Taiyo no Iye (House of the Sun)” Kyoto business division
October 22: Received a lecture on social welfare measures of Nara city at the city government office

October 22: Tour to the Nara Prefecture Disabled People Support Center

October 23: Concluding report session at the Farewell Party hosted by our president