Visit Father Harry, honorary director of former Himeji Settlement Promotion Center

投稿日: カテゴリー: Newssolidarity

On October 24, 2018, President Fujiwara made a visit to the Catholic Junshin-kai facility at Nibuno district of the City of Himeji, and visited Father Hendrikus Quaadvliet (88 years old, commonly known as Father Harry) who was just discharged from the hospital in the facility.  When the Foundation’s Refugee Assistance Headquarters opened the Himeji Settlement Promotion Center in December 1979, Father Harry became the honorary director of the center, performed many services until the center’s closing in March 1996.  After that, he kept helping those refugees who settled in Hyogo prefecture, and provides moral support to the settlers even now.

Photo: Shot taken in March, 2018

On the premise, there was “Vietnamese refugees temporary lodging facility” run by the Catholic Junshin-kai and “Himeji Settlement Promotion Center” run by the Refugee Assistance Headquarters of our Foundation.  At the center, which was opened in December 1979 and closed in March 1996, 2,021 Vietnamese and 439 Laotians (totaling 2,640) refugees attended the class of Japanese language training, etc.  (Opening picture: in front of the “Monument to Appreciate Refugee Rescue” built in the site of Himeji City Nibuno Church)