Father Harry, honorary director of former Himeji Settlement Promotion Center, passed away

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On April 12, 2019, Priest Hendrikus Quaadvliet, known as Father Harry passed away at villa Nibuno villa of Catholic Junshinkai which is a lodging facility for retired priests. The wake was held on the 14th, and funeral memorial service was held at nearby chapel of Himeji Saint Maria Hospital run by Junshinkai on the 15th.

From the Foundation, President Fujiwara and Secretary General Anzai attended the wake on April 14. The 120 chairs and occasional seats in the chapel were all filled and the central aisle from the entrance to the altar was also full of attendees. The number of attendees was about 200 and about a third of them were Vietnamese resettled refugees. During the service, there were some hymn chorus and bible reading in Vietnamese.

October 1956, Father Harry arrived in Japan. Since June 1975, boat people from Vietnam started landing in Japan. Under the direction of Caritas Japan to provide temporary accommodation facilities for refugees from Vietnam, Jinshinkai set up a camp for temporary residents in Nibuno. Father Harry was appointed the head of the facility. Furthermore, when the Japanese government decided on the settlement of Vietnamese refugees in Japan and established ‘Himeji Settlement Promotion Center’ in Nibuno on December 11, 1979, Father Harry became the honorary director of the center.

The Himeji Settlement Promotion Center was operated by the FWEAP under the commission of the Government of Japan, but Father Harry supported the refugees on a dedicated basis, helping them find employments and a local elementary school for their children. After the settlement center being closed at the end of March 1996.
Father Harry continued to support Vietnamese settlers and their communities through the “exchange center” established by Junshinkai in Nibuno. At the same time, as a priest belonging to Maria Hospital, he held a gathering and funeral for Vietnamese residents.

President Fujiwara attended the wake of Father Harry, honorary director of former Himeji settlement promotion center