Attend the “World Refugee Day” UNHCR Reception

投稿日: カテゴリー: Newssolidarity

June 20th is “World Refugee Day”.

In order to promote understanding of the issue of refugees, UNHCR was lighting up Tokyo Sky Tree and 15 other nation wide monuments colored by UN blue.

While looking at the blue sparkling Tokyo Sky Tree, Fujiwara, President of the Foundation and Ogawa, Advisor to the President, were attending UNHCR reception.

The numbers of people who are forced to move from home seek for protection keep increasing because of conflict, violence, persecution. As the problem of refugees intensifies in various part of the world, and the situation becomes complicated, Even out of the global compact on refugees which was adopted by United Nation General Assembly, it is important to work not only in a single country or region but in society as a whole.

It was a gathering to confirm that each of us is with the world refugees.