The 40th Festival for Settled Refugees in Japan

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On the 20th of October, the 40th festival for settled refugees in Japan was held at Shinjuku Cultural Center, Tokyo.


Opening address by President Masahiro Fujiwara

Congratulatory speech by the Mayor of Shinjuku City, Mr. Kenichi Yoshizumi

Congratulatory speech by the Commissioner of the Immigration Services Agency, Ms. Shoko Sasaki

Congratulatory speech by the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Shigeo Yamada

Congratulatory speech by the Representative of the UNHCR in Japan, Mr. Dirk Hebecker

Mr. Huynh Long Quan, the owner of the Vietnamese restaurant "Old Saigon", was commended by the FWEAP for his dedicated support for refugees in Japan.  Mr. Quan has been giving support to those who are unemployed in Japan. He also helped establishing a Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Saitama for the Vietnamese refugee community, and has been providing special Buddhist cuisine at the temple at no cost.

Ms. Tetsuko Koida, the representative of the volunteering organization called the Ashi-no-kai, was commended by the FWEAP for her achievement. Ms. Koida has been providing learning assistance to refugee children and their family in Kanagawa. Also, she planned and led a project of collecting donations of abandoned bicycles, clothing and stationaries to orphanages and the facilities of supporting woman's independence in Cambodia. People in Cambodia show their appreciation by calling her "Japanese mother".


Myammar Refugee Community

Cambodia Refugee Community

Lao Refugee Community

Vietnamese Refugee Community

Kagurazaka Brass Band

Sience show by Charlie Nishimura from Yonemura Denjiro Science Production