President Fujiwara meeting with Vietnamese community in Japan

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On June 11, 2020, Dr. Masahiro Fujiwara, the President of the FWEAP met with Mr. Taihei Nankai, Deputy Chairman of the Association of Vietnamese Community in Japan, Mr. Hajime Hino, Standing Director of the Kanagawa Prefecture Vietnamese Volunteer Group and Ms. Hiroko Sakurai, the Chairman of the Association for Supporting Refugees’ Settlement in Kanagawa.

Two representatives of the Vietnamese community expressed their deep gratitude for the foundation’s food aid through the Kanagawa Refugee Settlement Assistance Association would help many Vietnamese compatriots in financial distress for COVID-19 pandemics. In addition, Chairman Sakurai reported that the food aid provided by the Foundation’s financial support had been successfully delivered.

From left, Mr. Ogawa (Director General of the FWEAP), Mr. Hino, Mr. Nankai, Dr. Fujiwara (President of the FWEAP), Ms. Sakurai (Chairman of the ASRSK), Mr. Matsumoto (Director of the FWEAP), Mr. Anzai (Advisor to the President of the FWEAP)