President Fujiwara meets with the executives of the Association of Vietnamese Community in Japan

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On July 2, 2020, Masahiro Fujiwara, President of the FWEAP held talks with Taihei Minami, Deputy Chairman and Takashi Hashimoto, Standing Director of the Association of Vietnamese Community in Japan.

The association looks after Vietnamese refugees who settle in Japan, and has branch offices in refugee settlement areas nationwide.

The association is planning to hold a “45th Anniversary reception of the arrival of Boat People in Japan” in November this year.The reception will be held in order to thank the people involved in rescuing refugees, Japanese government, and the charitable organizations that supported the refugees, as well as to look back at the history of refugees.

Deputy Chairman Minami presented a book summarizing the history of 45 years of boat people’s visit to Japan to President Fujiwara.