A food donation ceremony was held for the Cambodian refugees who were in need due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

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 On Sunday July 5th, 2020, a food donation ceremony was held at the community facility of the Cambodian Community in Japan (CCJ) in Zenba, Isesaki City. The CCJ received about 1.9 million yen from the FWEAP which was used to distribute the food to about 270 households of the Cambodian settlement refugees who are in need due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

 About 200 people, including not only families of Cambodian descent, but also international students, corporate trainees, and local volunteers were participated in the ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the speech was given by Mr. Kusunoki, Chairman of the CCJ, H.E. Mr. Rachana, Ambassador of Cambodia to Japan, and Mr. Ogawa, Director General of the FWEAP.  After that, the packs of food and daily necessities ware give to representatives of Cambodian people from each region.


Mr. Masashi Ogawa,                         H.E. Mr. Ung Rachana,                                              

Director General of the FWEAP   Ambassador of Cambodian to Japan