Vietnamese Buddhist temple “Chua Nam Hoa”

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Did you know that we have Vietnamese Buddhist temples in Japan? 

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos came to Japan due to the political instability within their countries. Of those, about 8,500 Vietnamese have settled in Japan, and major of them are Buddhist. Having many Vietnamese refugees calling for a place of their own faith, a Vietnamese temple called “Chua Nam Hoa” was established in Koshigaya City, Saitama in 2006. It is the only Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Japan that has been approved as a religious corporation by Japanese government. 

On weekends, many Vietnamese including not only settlers but also students and workers go to the sermons. At events such as, New Year’s and Obon Holiday, more than 1,500 Vietnamese gather from far away at the temple, and are treated to more than 40 kinds of the Buddhist cuisines. 



Buddhist memorial service           People gathering at the temple for a seasonal event


Dance show at event              Vietnamese Buddhist cuisines