Foundation for the Welfare and Education of Asian People (FWEAP)

Foundation Board

as of March, 2021 (Japanese alphabetical order)

President Masahiro FUJIWARA

Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo

Director Teiichi SATO

Honorary Executive Director of Tokyo National Museum

  Miyako SUDA

Special Advisor of the Canon Institute for Global Studies

Former member of the Policy Board of the Bank of Japan


President of America-Japan Society

Former Ambassador of Japan to the United States

  Iwao HORII

Member of the House of Councilors

  Hiroshi YOSHIKAWA President of Rissho University
Auditor Hitoshi OKUDA

Former Executive Vice President of Nomura Research Institute

  Shigehiko YAMAMOTO

Statutory Auditor of Osaki Electric

Former Director of Nomura Securities

Counsellor Yoshiharu OTSUKA

President of the Japanese Red Cross Society

  Shinsuke OKUNO

Member of the House of Representatives

Former Vice Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication

  Shinichi KITAOKA

President of Japan International Cooperation Agency

  Akiko SANTO

Chairman of the House of Councilors


Former vice-minister of Internal Affairs and Communication


Former Chairperson of Shinsei Bank limited

  Shunichi SUZUKI

Chairman of Liberal Democratic Party General Affairs Committee

Advisor Hiroaki NAKANISHI

Chairman of KEIDANREN, Japan Business Federation

chairman and CEO, Hitachi, Ltd.

  Tamisuke WATANUKI

Former FWEAP President

Chairman of Japan SABO Association (National Flood & Erosion Control Association)

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives

Former Minister of Construction