Greetings from our President


Masahiro Fujiwara

Since its establishment in 1969, the Foundation for the Welfare and Education of Asian People (FWEAP) has engaged in activities that assist and promote the welfare of orphans, mothers and children, and refugees, while strengthening the friendship and goodwill between Japan and other Asian nations.


Disparity between the rich and poor is widening. As conflict and terrorism prevail throughout the world, socially vulnerable groups including women, children, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor are experiencing increased suffering. Social services and welfare policies are imperative in attempting to solve these issues.


The first key aspect of our Foundation is to invite people who engage in social welfare activities in other Asian countries to Japan, so that they may visit various social welfare facilities and places that symbolize Japanese culture. By contributing to international exchanges on policies, institutions and ideas about social welfare, we aim to understand and strengthen social services and make them more accessible to often overlooked vulnerable groups.


Recently, there has been a surge of refugees and displaced persons around the world, most notably within Africa and the Middle East. Friction and conflict are creating extreme nationalism and religious antagonism in many countries. It is important to examine what contributions are appropriate for Japan to provide, and we believe that having the spirit of acceptance of different cultures and diversity is paramount.


The second key aspect of our Foundation is to aid refugees and displaced persons who are suffering from social turmoil and political persecution. Entrusted by the Japanese Government, our Foundation has been carrying out refugee settlement activities since Japan’s first acceptance of Indochinese refugees who came by sea in 1979. We hold the annual “Festival for Settled Refugees in Japan” and continue to provide heartfelt support for their efforts to reside and integrate within Japan while they maintain the cultures and traditions of their mother countries. As the sole organization in Japan that carries out refugee settlement support by the governmental approval, we would like to continue this important project with great pride while continuing to give compassionate support to refugees.


Mutual Prosperity

Invitation to Welfare Officials from Asian Countries


Support for Indochinese Refugees and Convention Refugees


Study of Welfare and Education, Public Relations


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