To all of our settled refugee friends,

~ The spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) ~


I am Masahiro Fujiwara, President of the Foundation for the Welfare and Education of the Asian People (FWEAP).

A disease called COVID-19 is widely spreading all over the world these days.  Schools and offices are closed and you may have a hard time to find out what to do.  We want to be of your help as much as we can if you may feel helpless.  For that purpose, we will start two new things as follows for you:

First, we will issue multi-language COVID-19 news, such as how to avoid the disease or in what way Japanese government can assist you.  You will get those news on our Homepage and Facebook in 4 different languages other than English, such as Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian and Burmese.

Second, we will offer funding support to various private sector organizations who will assist you.  Please visit our ‘Financial Assistance’ page to find out how you can get such support.  

Our friends, let’s get together and stay strong against COVID-19!


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